Creative Works

I am mad about creative writing.  It is my Emphasis for the English major, and I have completed 18 credits of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  I can’t choose just one area — I love them all.  Besides writing my own stories and poems, I enjoy working for Penn State’s undergrad literary magazine, Kalliope, as Fiction and Nonfiction Coordinator.  I lead the fiction staff and the nonfiction staff in selecting submissions for publication.  Samples of my own various creative pursuits are shown on this page. (Please click “View this document on Scribd” to view a larger screen containing each document.)


This is an example of creative nonfiction which I wrote for an honors writing seminar, ENGL 304M, Creative Nonfiction and Hunter S. Thompson.  The piece describes my experiences in the first six months of my mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis.  This paper led me to the idea for my undergrad honors thesis, which is an extended nonfiction account of my personal journey through my mother’s illness and loss.  Selections of this paper were presented in spring 2011 at a Volunteer Recognition Dinner for the Clearity Foundation, a non-profit ovarian cancer research fund.


The following piece is a short story I wrote for ENGL 412, Advanced Fiction Workshop, with Toni Jensen.  Toni’s class focused on experimental fiction and magical realism, which plays into this story.  It is about a girl who befriends a boy in a wolf hat.  As a story it happened very organically; it “leaked out” of my thoughts and onto the page in only several hours.  As always, revision took longer.  This story will be published in the 2012 edition of “Kalliope.”


In this podcast, I read one of my original poems, “Forest Scene.”   I wrote this poem for ENGL 413, Advanced Poetry Workshop with Robin Becker.  The poem was inspired by a painting in Penn State’s Palmer Museum called “Forest Scene” by William Trost Richards.  It explores what happens when we get sucked into art, such as a painting, or a poem…


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